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At Negative Net Worth, I’m here to teach you about money and how to stop setting it on fire! I know you’re overwhelmed about how to handle your money as a young professional: how to stop shopping, pay off debt, and save for the future.

I get it. I’ve been there. The good news? I stopped spending mindlessly, slayed over $100,000 of student loan debt, began saving like a pro, and took control of my life. And I can help you do the same.

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What Do You Need?

I need to stop shopping.

I am overspending, impulse shopping, or obsessing over my next purchase. I am embarrassed about my spending patterns and wish I could stop. I need to break the cycle and develop better habits as a consumer.

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I need to pay off debt
and/or save money.

I cannot keep track of my finances. I need tools to budget and save money. I need a financial cushion, so I am not living paycheck-to-paycheck. Plus, I am weighed down by debt—and I need to pay it off.

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I need free tips, tricks,
and inspiration.

I want free resources to help me stop spending, start saving, and be a better consumer. I know I have what it takes to improve my financial habits—I just need the extra push. And I want to have fun in the process!

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